Battery Kit iPhone 5S / 5C

Replacement Battery for iPhone 5S / 5C with Tools and Instructions


Batteries in iPhones work like any other battery – they wear out with time. After about 6 months usage a decrease in battery life by 10-20% is usual. Another 6 months later it's obvious that the battery needs to be charged more frequently than before. Furthermore, when the battery is really worn out, it's common that the percentage jumps or switches quickly. In some cases the phone switches off when the battery is running low (at 10-30%) or when a high performance application, such as GPS, is being used. To correct all these problems, a battery replacement can do the trick!

We are so confident in our Scandi Tech Products that we offer you a 1 year free no-hassle replacement guarantee!



Good to know:

No information on the iPhone will be lost if done as instructed

Designed to work with all iPhone 5S and 5C variations (not iPhone 5)

Helpful tips attached to get the maximum out of your new battery

The battery is a high capacity 1560 mAh li-ion designed for iPhone 5S and 5C

The kit includes:

1 Step by Step Instruction Manual
1 Battery (3.8V 1560 mAH Li-ion)
1 Metal Tweezer
1 Philips Size PH 00 x 40 Screwdriver
1 Plastic Opening Tool
1 Set of Adhesive
1 Spudger
1 Suction Cup
1 Pentalobe (Five-Star) Screwdriver

Disclaimer: The original iPhone 5C battery is a 3.8V 5.73Wh 1507mAh battery but has the same size connector as the 5S. Our batteries are designed to fit both models and will thus give a slightly longer battery life to the 5C than the original battery.

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