Before you start:

General tips before you get started with your battery replacement

We recommend reading through the whole guide before performing the battery replacement. This will give a general idea of what you are up against and you will feel more comfortable when disassembling your iPhone. We’d like to begin by issuing caution throughout the battery replacement process.


 The front is mostly made out of a glass screen and an LCD underneath it. If this part is not handled with care, the glass can shatter and/or the LCD can break.


Almost all screws inside of the phone (not the bottom screws next to the charging port) are of different lengths. After the screws are removed, they need to go back into the same place they were removed from. Pay attention to this during reassembly. Organize the screws when removing them!


The connectors connecting various parts (touch, LCD, battery and the home button on iPhone 5S’s) to the logic board are fragile and can be damaged if they are not handled with care. Always disconnect and reconnect these connectors carefully and preferably with a plastic tool or your finger.

Keep in mind that much like other delicate electronic devices, complications can arise. If you are uncertain how to continue, message our support.
It’s also a good idea to make a backup before replacing the battery. If everything is done correctly, no data will be lost during or after the repair process, but to be on the safe side, making a backup is recommended. Let's Get started!

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Detailed guide to replace battery on iPhone 5

Step 1

Turn off your iPhone. Locate and unscrew the two pentalobe/5-star bottom screws next to the charging port.

Separate the front assembly from the back assembly by pressing the suction cup against the glass as closely to the home button as possible, but not on the home button, and gently pulling the front assembly upwards from the back assembly. Lift the front assembly only a tiny bit to expose a small opening between the front assembly and the back assembly above the charging port. If the front assembly does not separate from the back assembly when pulling it with the suction cup, the tweezers must be used to separate them. If your front assembly is cracked or if the back assembly is bent or dented, using the tweezers could be the only way to separate these two assemblies. Put the tweezers between the front assembly and the back assembly (between the metal and the plastic frame – not between the glass and the plastic frame) just by the speaker/mic holes. Make sure to put it right in the middle or else components inside the phone could get damaged.

* Sometimes the glue that's holding the glass to the plastic/metal frame has softened. In these cases, the glass could come loose from the frame when pulling with the suction cup. If this happens, simply lower the glass back into the frame and proceed by working the frame with the tweezers instead of the suction cup.
If the glass comes loose completely, as shown in the last picture of this step, try to hold it or secure it against a solid object without tearing the cables in the top right corner of the phone. These cables connect the LCD, touch and ear speaker to the motherboard. Proceed by disassembling the frame from the metal back cover by inserting the tweezers at the yellow arrows and carefully prying the frame up. The frame is held in place by notches, marked with red squares. Work one tip if the tweezers near these notches to separate the frame from the metal assembly.

* The tweezers can leave a tiny mark on the back assembly, be careful!


Screw fastened the two bottom screws

iphone-5-battery-replacement-2Separate the front assembly from the back assembly using the suction cup


If the suction cup doesn't work, use the tweezers

(If using the tweezers) Once there is a tiny opening, continue with the spudger


If the glass comes loose from its frame, proceed with the tweezers.

Step 2

Stick the spudger into the opening and slowly move it along the side to further separate the front from the back assembly. * If the front assembly frame is stuck to the back assembly, wiggle the spudger to separate them. Broken or damaged front assemblies are in general more fragile and could crack if too much force is applied!


Step 3

Once the front assembly is loosened from the back assembly, lift it to a 90 degree angle from the back assembly and hold it at that angle with one hand. With your other hand, unscrew the two screws holding the battery connector plate.


Lift the front assembly to a 90 degree angle


Unscrew the screws holding the battery metal cover


Step 4

Keep holding the front assembly at a 90 degree angle and lift off the battery connector plate from the battery connector. Continue by separating the battery connector on the battery from the battery connector on the motherboard with either the spudger, the opening tool or your fingernail.

At this point you can either skip directly to removing the battery (Step 7) while holding the front assembly with one hand or you can remove the front assembly to have both hands free. Both ways have up and downsides;
NOT removing the front assembly and skipping to Step 7:
– Downside: You only have one hand to work with. You could risk damaging the front assembly if you do not hold it correctly.
– Upside: You will relieve yourself of the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting the front assembly, which could get tricky, especially to reconnect the flexes. During this process the flexes could also be damaged. You save yourself a few minutes of the whole repair process.
We recommend trying to loosen the battery while holding the front assembly (without disconnecting it and thus skipping to Step 7). If the battery is stuck and you can’t loosen it easily, move back to Step 5 and proceed by removing the front assembly.


Step 5

Removing the front assembly
Keep holding the front assembly at a 90 degree angle and remove the three screws (one of these screws is non magnetic!) holding the metal LCD connector cover. Proceed by removing the metal LCD cover.

We’d once again like to remind you that all screws need to go back in the same hole they are removed from when you assemble the phone after the battery replacement. Organize the screws!


Identify the metal cover and the three screws in the top right part of the phone


Remove the metal cover with the tweezers


Step 6

Keep holding the front assembly at a 90 degree angle and separate the LCD connector, touch connector and the sensor/front camera connector from their connectors on the motherboard. Once they are separated, the front assembly can be lifted off safely.


Identify the LCD, touch and front camera connectors


Disconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the spudger or your fingernail


Disconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the spudger or your fingernail


Disconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the spudger or your fingernail


Disconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the spudger or your fingernail


Step 7

Remove the battery. The battery is held down by double-sided tape. The best and safest way to remove it is by gently prying it upwards from the opposite side of the motherboard (if the phone is facing you with the charging port downwards, loosen the battery from the left side).
Use the top of the tweezers (turn it upside down compared to normal use), your opening tool or the black spudger to lever the battery upwards (the spudger and opening tool might be inadequate for this step as the battery is usually held firm due to the adhesive – use your tweezers as shown in the picture) . Depending on how stuck the battery is, it can take some effort to remove it completely. With your tool, move up and down the side of the phone and lever the battery upwards from different positions. It can (and probably will) take several attempts before the battery is loosened completely.

IMPORTANT: Do not puncture the battery or bend it too much as it can combust if doing so. Take your time and do it slowly and gently.

Use the broad side of the tweezers to lift the battery


If the battery is stuck, use the broad side of your tweezers instead of the spudger


Volume key flex/cable running underneath the battery (the battery is removed in this picture)


At last, remove the battery with your fingers


Step 8

Once the battery is removed, place the new one in the same spot (for illustrating purposes we will be using the same original iPhone 5 battery as we just removed). If the old adhesive comes with the battery or if it’s worn out and doesn’t grip anymore, replace it with the new included adhesive (in most cases the old adhesive is good enough and does not need to be replaced). If the new battery has a see through plastic film around it, remove this film. Now press the new battery firmly down to the back assembly with your fingers to make it stick to the double-sided tape.
Do not connect the battery connector to the motherboard battery connector just yet, we will do this in Step 10.


Step 9

If you removed the front assembly (Step 6) it’s time to reconnect it. Do this in a similar fashion as when you disconnected it. Hold it in place so that the top of the front assembly and the top of the back assembly are next to each other. Connect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors to their respective connectors on the motherboard by putting them in place with your spudger and then connecting them with your index finger or the spudger. You will hear a soft “click”-noise when they are properly connected. Connect the battery connector to its connector on the motherboard as well.


Reconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the motherboard


Reconnect the LCD, touch and front camera connectors with the motherboard


Use your fingers or the spudger


Reconnect the battery connector


Step 10

Put the metal plates in place and screw them fastened. The first metal plate is held down by “fish hooks” on the left side of the plate. Attach this side first, then screw it fastened.


Put the metal cover back in place


Put the metal cover back in place – left side first


Screw the metal cover fastened


Put the metal cover in place


Screw the metal cover fastened


Step 11

Put the top side of the front assembly to the top side of the back assembly at a 45 degree angle. Move the bottom side of the front assembly downwards towards the back assembly while making sure the top side of the front assembly is next to the top side of the back assembly.


Step 12

Gently press the front assembly downwards and click it together with the back assembly.
Screw fastened the two bottom screws.
You are now done.


Press the front assembly to the back assembly firmly but gently along the sides, starting from top to bottom Press them carefully but firmly together…


… from the top along both sides…


… and finally the bottom part


Make sure the front assembly has properly attached to the back assembly


Screw fastened the two bottom screws


Step 13

If the phone does not turn on immediately after the battery replacement, the battery could be completely discharged. Let the phone charge for 15 minutes – it can take this long before anything shows up on the screen if the battery is completely drained.

After a battery replacement, the time and date will be reset to factory default, 1st of January 1970.Because of this the phone will not detect the SIM-card and will say “Searching…” in the top left corner.
Connect your phone to iTunes or a WiFi network and wait a few seconds until the time and date are automatically set.
Restart your phone. It is now ready to be used.




Disclaimer: Replacing the battery can result in complications if not done correctly or if the iPhone is already damaged. ScandiTech can not be held responsible for any damage or problems caused on the phone before, during or after the repair process.
If our instructions are not clear, we recommend emailing our support or consulting an other replacement guide.