Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I order Scandi Tech's iPhone 5 battery?

Click here to order our battery replacement kit for iPhone 5 with tools or our stand alone battery for iPhone 5 from Amazon!



Is it difficult to replace the battery in an iPhone? Do I need any particular skills or knowledge to complete the repair process?

With our product you will get all the tools required to replace the battery yourself. We have clear instructions (iPhone 5 battery replacement instructions) that will guide you through every step of the repair process. Minimal technical knowledge is enough to perform this process.



What should I do if I get stuck during the process?

You can email us at and we will do our best to help you out as quickly as possible. You could also take a look at our video guide and hopefully find the answer you seek.



Will this void my warranty?

The one year warranty that starts the day the iPhone is sold in the store will be voided when the device is opened. However, most phones that require a new battery have been used for more than a year meaning that the warranty has already expired.



Can I lose any data when changing my battery?

No data will be lost if the repair process is done correctly. Scandi Tech recommends every customer to do a full backup before attempting to replace the battery, just to be on the safe side. Regular backups are also recommended.



After the battery replacement, my phone doesn't find any network/get reception. What do I do?

After the replacement, the time and date are reset to 1st of January 1970. The time and date needs to be configured to the current time and date to get reception. This is done easiest by connecting the phone to a WiFi network or a computer with iTunes. If the setting “Set date and time automatically” is enabled (Settings > Date and time > Set automatically) the phone should change the date and time within a few seconds after it's connected to a WiFi network or a computer.
Once the phone shows the correct date and time, restart the phone. After it has booted it should not have any problem finding reception.



The Battery I bought is not charged/fully charged after I have assembled it. How come?

Batteries are never fully charged when leaving the factory and testing. This is to improve the batteries life expectancy. It's normal that batteries are between 5-80% charged when they are put into the phone. If your phone does not start after the new battery is put in, charge it for 15 minutes. It can take that long before something shows up on the screen if the battery is completely discharged.



Are your batteries original/OEM Apple batteries?

No, our batteries are produced by third parties but with the same capacity, dimensions and output as the original battery.



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