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Amazon's highest rated batteries for iPhones

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Batteries for Smartphones

Scandi Tech specializes in retailing batteries for smartphones. Our package contains a battery, tools & easy-to-follow instructions with videos and images. From years of experience in this field, we have carefully put together our products and created a platform where we can show you just how easily and quickly you can change your battery and giving your phone “new life”.
As or November 2018 we've successfully met Amazon's new guidelines for smartphone batteries. Many of our listings have been offline and some still are. We are working on reinstating them ASAP.
The following listings are now online and available in US:

Battery kit for iPhone 6
Standalone battery for iPhone 6 (coming first week of December)
Battery kit for iPhone 6 Plus
Standalone battery for iPhone 6 Plus
Battery kit for iPhone 6S
Standalone battery for iPhone 6S


Battery Replacement Kits


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Why choose Scandi Tech

We have sold over a 200.000 batteries for smartphones online. Our customers range from first time technicians who wants to their own phone to professional repair shops with several branches. The ScandiTech battery cell quality stands out in a diverse market where it's difficult to find a reliable part for your expensive device. Not only do our batteries perform in the top tier of the specter but our competent and helpful support is at your service seven days a week for any iPhone or smartphone related question. We take care of our customers before, during, and after any battery replacement.


Top Ranked on Amazon

24h Support Guarantee (90% within 12h)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

12 Months Warranty on Batteries, 24 Months Warranty on Tool Kits



Disclaimer: ScandiTech is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc., or Apple products, or any other brand. ScandiTech provides parts manufactured by third parties. iPhone®, Apple® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.